Ricoh Aficio 180

Error Codes List page 10

  • Code: SC921
  • Description: MSU hardware error
    The hardware of the MSU is defective.
  • Causes: • EMB (Copier feature expander) defective • BICU defective defective
  • Code: SC980
  • Description: Program loading error
    The program cannot load properly.
  • Causes: • The connection between the BICU and the IC board is poor. • BICU board defective • IC board or the program defective NOTE: This SC should be cleared by trying to download again from an IC card.
  • Code: SC981
  • Description: NVRAM clear error
  • Causes:
  • Code: SC990
  • Description: Communication error between BICU and IOCSS board
    The BICU board cannot communicate with the IOB.
  • Causes: • The connection between the BICU board and the IOB is poor. • BICU board defective • IOB defective
  • Code: SC999
  • Description: Program version error
    An incorrect type of main software was downloaded.
  • Causes: • The main software for another machine was downloaded to this machine.
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