Lexmark MX6500e


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 40X6876 Controller cage fan
2 40X6494 Controller board
3 40X6091 NVRAM card
4 40X7443 Green network cable
5 40X7055 Fax card
6 40X6501 CPU cooling fan
7 40X8774 Scanner communications card (for MX6500e)
7 40X8810 Scanner communications card with prescribe option (for MX6500e)
7 40X8811 Scanner communications card with forms and barcode option (for MX6500e)
7 40X7516 Prescribe card option (for 6500e)
7 40X7517 IPDS card option (for 6500e)
7 40X7518 Forms and bar code card option (for 6500e)
8 40X7058 Hard disk drive
9 40X6500 Power supply to controller board cable
10 40X6498 Engine board to controller board cable
11 40X6497 Engine board
12 40X6495 Universal power supply
NS 40X0392 LCD cleaning cloth (50-pack)
NS 40X7441 Scanner communications card (for T650/T652)
NS 40X7920 Scanner communications card (for T654)
NS 40X8775 Scanner communications card (for MS71x and MS81x)
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