Lexmark MX6500e

Control panel and flatbed
Control panel and flatbed

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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 40X6491 Main control panel cover with keypad
2 40X6488 Right control panel cover
3 40X6973 UICC card
4 40X8746 UICC to controller board cable
5 40X6455 Flatbed scanner rod
6 40X6485 Flatbed scanner cables parts pack
7 40X6454 Flatbed scanner module
8 40X6483 Flatbed scanner belt with spring
9 40X6492 UICC access cover
10 40X6484 Flatbed scanner home position sensor
11 40X6407 Control panel speaker
12 40X6307 10.2-inch touchscreen display
13 40X6306 UICC display cable
14 40X6489 Front control panel cover
15 40X6487 Left control panel cover
NS 40X6493 USB cable parts pack
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