Kyocera DP7100

Drive Section & Electrical Components
Drive Section & Electrical Components

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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 303R731021 MOUNT DRIVE B 3R731021
2 303R731140 SHAFT SEPARATION DRIVE 3R731140
3 302LK28130 GEAR Z16R 2LK28130
5 303R731060 GEAR Z35R ONEWAY 3R731060
6 303R731040 GEAR Z34R 3R731040
7 303R731130 SHAFT FEED DRIVE 3R731130
8 303R731270 GEAR Z20L ONEWAY 3R731270
9 302K031180 GEAR DLP Z31R 2K031180
10 302K314380 GEAR DLP Z18L 2K314380
11 302K924060 GEAR Z22R 2K924060
12 303R731071 GEAR Z69R Z21L 3R731071
13 303R731100 SHAFT CAM LIFT 3R731100
14 303LL31260 GEAR Z32S LIFT 3LL31260
15 303R731080 PIN LIFT DRIVE 3R731080
16 303H622331 GEAR 20/65 IDLE 3H622331
17 303M807130 COLLAR FEED 3M807130
18 303R731011 MOUNT DRIVE A 3R731011
19 302H702590 BUSH SCREW 2H702590
20 303R731300 MOUNT MOTOR 3R731300
21 303R794080 PARTS MOTOR-BL INNER W10 SP 3R794080
22 302H794310 PARTS MOTOR ROTARY GUIDE 2H794310
23 303R731030 MOUNT CONV DRIVE 3R731030
24 303R731120 GEAR Z59R T22 3R731120
25 303R731250 SHAFT CONV DRIVE 3R731250
26 303R731290 BELT 201 3R731290
27 303R702060 GUIDE WIRE DRIVE 3R702060
28 303R731090 CAM LIFT 3R731090
29 302P794010 PARTS SENSOR OPT. SP 2P794010
30 302LF12410 STOPPER 3 2LF12410
32 3CZ02230 PIN,HOOK FULCRUM 3CZ02230
33 2FB27160 INTER LOCK SWITCH 2FB27160
34 303R794010 PARTS PWB DRIVER ASSY SP 3R794010
35 7UMDEC016K81HQ1 IC.EEPROM UM034070
36 303R702120 GUIDE WIRE PWB 3R702120
37 7YZM610007++H01 ACCESS.SADDLE YZ023340
38 303LL02180 HOLDER WIRE A 3LL02180
39 5MVX111DN003 RING STOPPER /A-49 FEED A4 2A806250
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