Jean LaserJet Managed MFP E82550dn

Flow ADF (GX/sGX)
Flow ADF (GX/sGX)

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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 JC97-04869A ADF Cover open
2 JC97-04872A Pickup, upper - GX
2 JC97-04646B Pickup, upper - sGX
3 JC66-02270A Cover, hinge - GX/sGX
5 JC97-04881A Cover, front - GX/sGX
6 JC97-04879A Dummy, front - GX/sGX
8 JC97-04692A Damper - GX/sGX
9 JC97-04880A Cover, bottom - GX/sGX
10 JC97-04883A Main frame - GX
10 JC97-04882A Main frame sGX
13 JC63-05566A Cover, rear - GX/sGX
ns JC92-02967A PCA - ADF receiver (ultrasonic) (GX only)
ns JC92-02966A PCA - ADF transmitter (ultrasonic) (GX only)
ns JC97-04955A Flow ADF - GX
ns JC97-04956A Non Flow ADF - sGX
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