Jean LaserJet Managed MFP E82550dn

Right door
Right door

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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 JC90-01352B Tray 1 door
2 JC63-04910B Front cover, mp
3 JC63-04918B Cover, dummy sHCI
4 JC63-04920B Side cover
5 JC63-04916B Upper right door cover
8 JC95-01970A Side cover, link
9 JC66-04400A Side link
11 JC93-01085A Drive motor, step
12 6602-001730 Timing belt, gear
14 JC61-07372A Spring, TS
15 JC66-04628A Roller, feed-duplex 1
17 JC95-01972A Cover, side takeaway
18 JC95-01968A Cover, side exit
22 602-003183 Timing belt, gear
23 JC95-01969A Cover, side guide
24 JC66-04629A Roller, feed-duplex 2
28 JC66-04398A Link lever, d
29 JC64-00710A Side locker
ns 0604-001393 Fuse out sensor
ns 0604-001490 Feed sensor
ns 0604-001393 Tray 1 empty sensor
ns 0604-001393 Tray 1 paper length sensor
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