HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E87640du

Main assembly
Main assembly

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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 JC90-01610A Cassette tray 2
2 JC90-01611A Cassette tray 3
5 JC44-00240B HVPS24V
6 JC97-04863A Laser scanner unit
7 JC93-01414A Fan type 8
8 JC96-12501A HP LaserJet yellow developer unit
9 JC96-12502A HP LaserJet magenta developer unit
10 JC96-12503A HP LaserJet cyan developer unit
11 JC96-12503A HP LaserJet blk developer unit
12 JC93-01026B Paper dust brush
13 JC98-05425A Image transfer belt assembly
15 JC97-04907A Image scanner assembly (flat bed)
16 JC63-05410A White backing (LX)
16 JC63-05795A White backing (GX)
17 JC97-05074A ADF LX du model whole unit
17 JC97-04955A Flow ADF-GX
17 JC97-04956A Non-Flow ADF-sGX
18 JC90-01369A Exit assembly
19 JC82-00483A 220V fuser assembly
19 JC82-00477A 110V fuser assembly
22 JC95-02092A Right door assembly
29 JC44-00236B Fuser drive board, 220V
29 JC44-00235B Fuser drive board, 110V
30 JC44-00250A LVPS 220V Type 5H
30 JC44-00249A LVPS 110V Type 5H
38 X3A92-67926 Toner collection unit
40 JC61-07088A Return guide
41 JC93-01239B HDD bracket
42 5851-6712 HDD 320GB - Main PCA HDD
43 Y1G22-67901 Tray Heater (110v)
43 Y1G22-67902 Tray Heater (220v)
49 JC82-00543A PCA-Main Board w/heat sink
ns B5L47-60101 Pulsar Control Panel
ns X3A92-60003 Formatter
ns X3A92-60001 Formatter
ns X3A62-60001 Accelerator PCA - Toast (GX ADF only)
ns JC92-02971A Island of Data board (du models)
ns JC92-02971A Island of Data board
ns 5851-6712 Formatter HDD (du models)
ns 5851-6712 Formatter HDD
ns B5L47-60102 US English Keyboard Assy
ns B5L47-60103 UK English Keyboard Assy
ns X3A92-67905 HP LaserJet Black Imaging Drum Unit
ns X3A92-67906 HP LaserJet CMY Imaging Drum Unit
ns B5L31-67902 Foreign interface harness
ns J8030-61001 Jetdirect Wireless Print Server with NFC Kit
ns JC92-02969A PCA, front power switch
ns JC31-00161A Low voltage power supply (LVPS) fans (Type 7)
ns JC44-00091D LVPS 110V Type 4
ns JC44-00092D LVPS 220V Type 4
ns JC39-02187A Lower tray connector
ns JC31-00130A Developer fan
ns JC90-01401B Finisher sub-bridge unit
ns JC27-00012A Inductor unit 110V
ns JC27-00009A Inductor unit 220V
ns JC93-01467A Switch Assy - Right Door
ns JC93-01063C Drive, pickup
ns JC93-00492A TCU sensor
ns JC93-01277A Assy- Engine Side Crum Connector
ns 0604-001393 Duplex 1 sensor (photo interrupter)
ns 0604-001393 Exit 1 bin full sensor (photo interrupter)
ns 0604-001381 Prefeed sensor 2 (pickup unit 2)
ns 0604-001490 Prefeed sensor 1 (pickup unit 1)
ns JC39-02253A FFC Cable, Laser Scanner Unit
ns JC39-01202A Cable, SATA Main HDD
ns JC39-01943A Cable, PWR Main HDD
ns JC31-00154A Fan-type 3 24V LVPS/FDB
ns X3A92-60003 Formatter PCA-Obsidian Blue Angel
ns X3A62-60002 Accelerator PCA-toast Blue Angel
13-1 JC93-01377A ITB cleaner blade
18-1 JC90-01374A Exit assembly, second
18-2 JC90-01370A Exit assembly, first
34-1 JC31-00161A Fan type 7
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