Ricoh MP2851

Error Codes List page 22

  • Code: 992
  • Description: Unexpected Software Error
    Software encountered an unexpected operation not defined under any SC code.
  • Causes: • Software defective • An error undetectable by any other SC code occurred
  • Code: 997
  • Description: Application function selection error
    Application selected by the operator did not start or end normally due to a software problem. An option required by the application may not be installed.
  • Causes: • Confirm which devices are required for the application. • Make sure all devices are configured correctly. • If the problem is with the fax unit, the nesting of the fax group may be too complicated
  • Code: 998
  • Description: Application start error
    No applications start within 60 sec. after the power is turned on.
  • Causes: • Loose connection of RAM-DIMM, ROM-DIMM • Defective controller • Software problem: check the setting of SP5875-001. If the setting is set to "1 (OFF)", change it to "0 (OFF)". • Check if the RAM-DIMM and ROM-DIMM are correctly connected. • Reinstall the controller system firmware. • Replace the controller.
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