Panasonic DP150

Error Codes List page 1

  • Code: E1-01
  • Description: Optics scanning failure
    The home position sensor is NOT turned ON/OFF within the defined pulses after starting scanning.
  • Code: E1-20
  • Description: HSYNC (LSYNC) malfunction
    LSYNC is not generated or within the defined time after the laser is turned ON.
  • Code: E1-22
  • Description: Polygon motor malfunction
    Fail to detect the sync signal of the polygon motor rotation.
  • Code: E1-23
  • Description: Registration adjustment failure
    Fail to adjust the scanner registration.
  • Code: E1-30
  • Description: CCD gain adjustment failure
    Fail to adjust the CCD gain.
  • Code: E1-31
  • Description: Exposure lamp ON failure
    The exposure lamp is NOT turned ON.
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