OKI B6300

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  • Code: 001-300
  • Description: Top Cover Open
  • Causes: Detect Top Cover or Top Cover & Rear Cover OpenDefect of SWITCH I/L ASSY, Confirmation of contact/wiring
  • Code: 001-301
  • Description: Rear Cover Open
  • Causes: Detect Rear Cover Open onlyDefect of INTERLOCK S/W REAR, Confirmation of contact/wiring
  • Code: 001-302
  • Description: OCT Cover Open
  • Causes: Detect OCT Cover OpenDefect of SWITCH REAR COVER, Confirmation of contact/wiring
  • Code: 001-306
  • Description: Duplex Cover Open
  • Causes: Detect Duplex Cover OpenDefect of SWITCH DUPLEX, Confirmation of contact/wiring
  • Code: 001-398
  • Description: FAN Motor Fail
  • Causes: One of FAN MAIN or FAN SUB doesn’ t rotate in specified revolutions. Defect and replacement of Fan Main /Fan Sub Disconnection between MCU PWB J24-16 and Fan Main J244B Disconnection between MCU PWB J27-17 and Fan Sub J270B
  • Code: 003-346
  • Description: Scope-FD send error detected by Controller(Parity error)
  • Causes: Communication fails is caused because ACK is not received by resend in twice.Parity error is detected in HARDWARE of IOT side. If the trouble is not recovered by powering OFF and ON, execute the following. - Check the connection of HVPS/MCU connect harness. - If the trouble is still caused, replace HVPS/MCU PWB.
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