Kyocera FS6500

Error Codes List page 1

  • Code: E0
  • Description: Communication error
    Communication between the engine controller and the main controller is failed.
  • Causes: . Controller gate array defect . Connector failure between the engine and the main controller . Overrun in the engine system, deactivating the progam flash ROM
  • Code: E1
  • Description: Main motor error
    The main motor is overtorqued.
  • Causes: . Overcurrent in the main motor circuitry due to an axcessive torque . Loose connector to motor . Defective gate array on the engine board . No response from the main motor due to the defective motor driver (transistor) . Defective overcurrent detector (transistor)
  • Code: E2
  • Description: Laser scanner motor error
    The polygon motor does not deliver a synchronous output (L) within the predetermined period of time.
  • Causes: . Timeout in the predetermined period of lead time which the scanner motor speed has to be reached at start up (SCRDY*) . Connector insertion error . Defective gate array on the engine board . Time out dur to the defective scanner motor driver (transistor)
  • Code: E3
  • Description: Laser beam detection error
    Beam detection is failed. The photo detector board does not deliver a synchronous output (L).
  • Causes: . No beam hit due to the laser diode defect (PD*) . Improper connector insertion . Soiled/defective beam detector (pin-photo diode) sensor . Defective safety lock . Unoperative gate array input portf
  • Code: E4
  • Description: Fuser heater error
    The fuser heater is not intact due to disconnection or the circuit failure.
  • Causes: . Blown-out thermistor . Improper connector insertion . Blown-out halogen heater . Blown-out thermostat . Comparator defect on the engine board . Defective engine CPU (input port) . Defective gate array (input/output port operation)
  • Code: E5
  • Description: Eraser error
    The eraser is blown out or the power supply does not reach to the eraser.
  • Causes: . Blown-out LED chip(s) . Connector insertion error . Defective gate array (input/output port)
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