Epson Stylus Pro 7880

  • Code: 00010004
  • Description: CR Encoder check error
    The printer causes this error and stops operation if it cannot detect the encoder pulse signals at intervals of the specified time during the power-on initialization operation or while the CR Motor is driving.
  • Causes: • CR Encoder FFC is disconnected. • The CR Motor connector is disconnected. • The FFC of the encoder on the CR side is broken. • The wiring of the A and B phases are wrong (opposite) • The wiring of the CR Motor is wrong (opposite) • The CR Motor shorted out. • The fuse for the motor driver is blown. (on the Main Board)
  • Remedy: 1. Reattach the Timing Fence for detecting the encoder securely and correctly. 2. Clean dirt or paper dust on the Timing Fence and check if it is damaged. 3. Reconnect the CR Encoder FFC or the CR Motor connector securely. 4. Execute the CR Timing Belt Tension Adjustment . 5. Replace the CR Encoder Sensor . 6. Replace the CR MOTOR ASSY. 7. Replace the BOARD ASSY., MAIN .
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