Canon MF6180 Trailing edge image soiling

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Canon MF6180 Trailing edge image soiling

Postby Serviceman » Sat Oct 28, 2017 10:20 am

Model List: MF6160dw, MF6180dw, MF5950dw, MF5960dn, D1320, D1350, D1370
The image is extended when the paper feed speed is increased due to the temperature rising in the machine.
This causes the trailing edge margin to become narrow, resulting in the occurrence of image soiling (transfer toner scattering).
NOTE : Because paper slightly shrinks due to its passing through the Fixing Assembly once when printing the 1st side, this symptom is likely to occur on the 2nd side.

Remedy 1: Set the Special Mode U to ON.
Effect: Image soiling is controlled by changing the settings of transfer high voltage current.

Remedy 2: Change the paper type mode from "Plain" to "Plain L".
Effect: Fixing control temperature is reduced => Temperature rising in the machine is controlled => Reduction of trailing edge margin is controlled.

When the effect is not enough with remedy (1), perform the remedies (1) + (2).

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