Canon iR3320i error E007-0000

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Canon iR3320i error E007-0000

Postby Alvaro » Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:37 pm

My machine Canon iR3320i have error E007-0000. How do I fix this error code.
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Re: Canon iR3320i error E007-0000

Postby Serviceman » Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:44 pm

E007 0000
An error in the rotation of the fixing film is detected. The reading of the main thermistor is 100°C or higher and, in addition, the fixing film sensor does not detect the rotation of the film for 6 sec or more while the fixing motor is driven.
Cause: The fixing film sensor (PS45) is faulty. The DC controller PCB is faulty.
Caution: To clear the error, execute the following in service mode: COPIER>FUNCTION>CLEAR>ERR.
1. Wiring
Are the wring and the connectors connected securely? DC controller PCB (J311) <-> relay connector <-> fixing film sensor NO: Connect the wiring and the connectors.
2. Fixing film sensor
Check the fixing film rotation signal. When the fixing motor is rotating, is the film rotation detection signal sent by the fixing film sensor to the concoctor J311 of the DC controller PCB? Film rotation detection signal: 5V pulse signal between J311-A9 (FILM_ROT_D) and J311-A8 (GND); at intervals of 100 msec ON and 440 msec OFF
NO: If the fixing film is normal, replace the sensor.
3. Fixing film unit, DC controller PCB
Is there a fault in the fixing film edge rotation detection mechanism?
YES: Replace the fixing film unit.
NO: Replace the DC controller PCB.

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