Konica-Minolta Di251F

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Konica-Minolta Di251F

Postby John » Thu Feb 04, 2021 11:08 am

Firstly I want to know about health my machine does not accept anything so I want to know how I can fix it when is CO500?
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Re: Konica-Minolta Di251F

Postby Alvaro » Thu Feb 25, 2021 7:26 am

Code: C0500
Warming-up failure
The temperature of the Fusing Rollers does not reach the required level even after the lapse of a given period of time during a warm-up cycle.
  • From room temperature to 100 °C: Within 65 sec.
  • From 100 °C to 140 °C: Within 30 sec.
  • From 140 °C to 170 °C: Within 20 sec.
  • From 170 °C to the completion of warming-up: Within 22 sec.
  1. Fusing Roller Heater Lamp turns ON when the Side Cover is opened and closed.
    NO: Check step 3 and onward.
  2. The resistance of Fusing Roller Thermistor (across CN25-2 and 3 on the Fusing Unit end) is infinity.
    YES: Change Fusing Roller Thermistor.
    NO: Change Master Board.
  3. There is continuity across CN3-1 and 2 on the Fusing Unit end.
    YES: Check step 7.
  4. Fusing Roller Heater Lamp is conducting.
    NO: Change Fusing Roller Heater Lamp.
  5. Fusing Roller Thermostat is conducting.
    NO: Change Fusing Roller Thermostat.
  6. Fusing Roller Heater Lamp Fuse is conducting.
    NO: Change Fusing Roller Heater Lamp Fuse.
  7. There is continuity across 1A and 1B, and across 2A and 2B, when Side Cover Interlock Switch 2 is actuated.
    YES: Change Power Supply Unit. Change Master Board.
    NO: Change Side Cover Interlock Switch 2.

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