KIP C7800

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KIP C7800

Postby Frank » Tue Oct 12, 2021 10:16 am

The print density is uneven.
How to adjust?
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Re: KIP C7800

Postby Sam » Tue Oct 12, 2021 10:47 am

Density is uneven
    Image Corona
  1. Is the Image Corona dirty?
    Yes: Clean the Image Corona, or replace the Corona Wire.
  2. Is the height of Corona Wire different between left and right? (It may not be set into its correct setting position.)
    Yes: Adjust the height properly.

    Installation of Developer Unit
  3. Is Roller Developer evenly covered with the toner?
    No: Clean Blade Roller.
  4. Is the toner accumulating evenly in the Developer Unit?
    No: Level the machine correctly.
  5. Try to re-tension Blade Roller correctly. Is the problem fixed?
    Yes: OK

    Dirt of LED Head
  6. Is the Lens Array dirty
    Yes: Clean it.

    Eraser Lamp
  7. Are all LED of the Eraser Lamp light properly during the print?
    No: Replace the Eraser Lamp.

    Transfer Roller
  8. Run Service Software “output check” to monitor the motion of Transfer Roller Set Motor.
    0502: Transfer Roller Set Motor (K)
    0503: Transfer Roller Set Motor (CMY)
    Does Transfer Roller move smooth toward the set position?
    No: Remove Belt and check Transfer Roller and Set Motor.

    Main PCB
  9. Can the problem be fixed by replacing the Main PCB?
    Yes: OK

    LED Head
  10. Can the problem be fixed by replacing the LED Head?
    Yes: OK

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