Riso ComColor 7010R

Test Mode. 1. How to Enter

Mode Screen

Test modes can be accessed only when the operation panel is in the Mode screen.

Keypad Operation to Enter into Test Mode

As shown,
8 button
* button, # button
press these three buttons simultaneously to display the pass-code input screen shown.

As you enter the 4-digit pass code "3-2-1-4" using the numeric keypad, the screen changes to the one as shown on above right. Press the OK or Start key. If the pass code is incorrect, the following screen is displayed. Enter the correct pass code to access test mode. Once the pass code is entered correctly, the test mode standby screen shown on the top of next page is displayed.

Exiting out of Test Mode

To exit test mode, press the Mode key on the operation panel in standby mode or when operation is stopped. The printer will then be idle in regular mode.


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