Riso ComColor 7010R

Error Code Display. 3. Error Points

Subdivisions of error points are as follows.

Error Point Associated System
0001–0999 Main unit (PMS or other system (power supply, hardware, software, or operation panel))
1000–1999 Engine system (standard paper transfer system)
2000–2499 Print head system (print head, ink)
2500–2999 Optional paper feed system (front feeder, envelope feeder, and envelope attachments)
3000–3999 Optional paper ejection system (SFX multi-finisher, auto stacking tray, and wide stacking tray)
4000–4499 Scanner system (AF and FB)
4500–4999 Unspecified
5000–5499 External controller system (PS)
5500–5999 Other optional equipment (unspecified)
6000–6999 Security system (unspecified)
7000–7499 Computer system (printer driver, console, or utility applications)
7500–9999 Unspecified

Variation Code

A lower-level attribute of the error point, this single-digit number (1–9) indicates distinguishing details such as the detecting program. No variation code is shown in the case of errors without variations.

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