Riso ComColor 7010R

Error Code Display. 1. Numbering System

Error display consists of these three elements.

  1. Error type: Classification based on how to clear errors (from the panel display) and similar criteria
  2. Error point: Errors are numbered according to where they occur
  3. Variation code: An attribute of the error point, this element indicates distinguishing details of errors, based on where the detecting program is implemented or other criteria

To understand the nature of errors, you can find the error point and variation code in the section "Error Code Display Details," organized by error type.

Example: Display for S04-2130 (no variation code)

  • Error Type: S04
  • Error Point: 2130

Example: Display for S98-18111-1 (with variation code)

  • Error Type: S98
  • Error Point: 18111
  • Variation Code: 1
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