Ricoh MPC1800

Troubleshooting. High Frequency Nozzle Blocking

High Frequency Nozzle Blocking

Repeat nozzle blocking in spite of performing the cleaning head1 or cleaning head2.

Possible Cause:

• Dryness of print heads


  1. Do SP2-509-001 to 002 (Adjustment for interval between ink exhalation (during printing) between pages).
    • Decrease the pages interval (during printing).
    • Select SP value “1” which performs large quantity ink exhalation than value “0”.
  2. Do SP2-2514-001 (Automatic cleaning frequency).
    • When ink ejection is done to some degree, an automatic cleaning begine.
  3. Do SP2-513-001 to 003 (Idle maintenance time)
    • Sets the idle maintenance time in moderation.
    • A large quantity of ink is consumed, if the number of cleaning become increasing.
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