Ricoh D045 MPC1800 PG-C2

Maintenance. PM Counter

How to Reset the PM Counter

After preventive maintenance work, reset the PM counter (SP7-804-002 to 009) as follows.

  1. Activate the SP mode (see section 5.1).
  2. Select SP 7-804 ("PM Count. Reset").
  3. Select the PM counter of what you have replaced.
  4. Press the OK key [A]. The message "EXECUTE" is displayed.
  5. Press the button [B] below the message "EXECUTE." The messages "EXECUTE?" followed by
    "CANCEL" and "EXECUTE" are displayed.
  6. Wait until the message "Completed" is displayed.
  7. Quit the SP mode.

PM Counter Reset List

The PM counter must be reset after replacing PM parts. The following list shows SP numbers that need to be reset.

PM Parts SP Number Remarks
GJ engine SP7-959-001 This SP clears all SP numbers related with GJ engine. For details, refer to "SP Mode Tables in Service Program Mode".
Maintenance unit SP7-804-002
• 70K
This SP clears the counter of SP7223-001 to -005 (cleaning total), SP7224-001 to -005 (refreshing total), SP7225-001 to -005 (air releasing and ink filling total) and SP7803-002 (total page).
Charge roller SP7-804-003
• 140K
This SP clears the counter of SP7803-003 (page total).
Transport belt unit SP7-804-004
• 70K
This SP clears the counter of SP7803-004 (page total).
Ink collection tank SP7-804-005 This SP clears the counter of SP7221-001 (total amount), SP7803-005 (total page) and SP7941-001 (total amount).
Flushing gate unit SP2-505-001 This SP clears the counter of SP7221-002 (total amount).
- SP2-250-001 This SP is for air flag reset.


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