Lexmark 4036-311 MX6500e

Troubleshooting. False multifeed

Action Yes No
Step 1
Are sheets being multifed into ADF?
See “Frequent paper
jam, multifeed, or
Go to step 2.
Step 2
Perform multifeed sensor calibration.
Does the problem remain?
Go to step 3. Problem solved.
Step 3
Check the multifeed sensor for paper dust and debris. Clean the multifeed sensor.
Does the problem remain?
Go to step 4. Problem solved.
Step 4
Although working properly, the multifeed sensor occasionally reports a false multifeed when labeled and other difficult media is scanned. In some cases, the multifeed sensor must be disabled to allow scanning of this type of media.
Is difficult media being scanned?
Disable the multifeed sensor in the configuration menu. Replace multifeed sensor and repeat calibration. See “Multifeed sensor removal”
Error Code
Service Mode, Troubleshooting
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