Konica-Minolta bizhub C3110

Service Mode 01. How to Enter


  1. Select [Utility] on the menu screen and press the Select key.
  2. Press the following keys in this order. Stop/Reset -> 0 -> 0 -> Stop/Reset -> 0 -> 1
  3. Using the keyboard, type the CE password. The initial setting for CE password is "92729272."
  4. Press the Select key.
    • Pressing the * key on the control panel each time switches the input mode.
    • Access attempts to the Service Mode with a CE password is limited to up to 3 times. If the number of invalid access attempts reaches three, your access is locked. Until access lock is released, the Service Mode is not accessible. To release access lock, turning OFF/ON the power switch and rebooting the machine is necessary. (When the machine is rebooted, the invalid access attempts count is cleared.)
    • The service code entered is displayed as “ * ”.
  5. The Service Mode menu will appear.
    • Be sure to change the CE password if it is set by default.
    • For how to change the CE password, refer to CE Password.
    • Never forget the CE password.

Exiting procedure

• Press the Stop/Reset key.

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