HP Color LaserJet Pro M452

Service Mode 01. Service menu

The Service menu is used to adjust print settings, restore factory default settings, and clean the print paper path.

2-line control panels

  1. From the printer control panel, press the OK button.
  2. Open the Service menu.

Touchscreen control panels

  1. From the Home screen on the printer control panel, touch the Setup button.
  2. Touch the Service button.
Menu item Sub-menu item Description
Fax Service (fax models only) Clear Saved Faxes
Run Fax Test
Print T.30 Trace
Error Correction
Fax Service Log
These items provide the means to test and adjust fax functionality.
Cleaning Page   This function removes dust and toner from the print paper path.
USB Speed High
This item sets the printer USB speed.
Less Paper Curl   This feature puts the printer into a mode that reduces paper curl.
Archive Print   This feature puts the printer into a mode that produces output less susceptible to toner smearing and dusting for preservation and archival.
Firmware Datecode   This feature displays the printer firmware date code.
Restore Defaults   Resets all customer-accessible menu settings back to the factory default settings (except language).
Signature Check   This item configures how the printer proceeds when a firmware upgrade file does not have a valid signature.
LaserJet Update Check for Updates Now This items provides the means to manually update the firmware or to set up automatic firmware updates.
SMTP Comm. Report   This report provides information regarding the printer communication with an SMTP server for the last Scan to E-Mail job.
Error Code
Service Mode, Troubleshooting
Parts Catalog
Downloads Files
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