HP Color LaserJet Pro M254

Troubleshooting. Power on problems

  1. Verify that power is available to the printer. If the printer is plugged into a surge protector or uninterruptible power supply (UPS), remove it, and then plug the printer directly into a known operating wall receptacle (make sure that the wall receptacle provides the correct voltage and current for the printer). Unplug any other devices on the same circuit that the printer is using.
  2. Try another known operating wall receptacle and a different power cord.
  3. Listen for startup noises (fans and motors) and illuminated lights on the control panel.
    NOTE: Operational fans, motors, and control-panel lights indicate the following:
    •AC power is present at the printer.
    •The low-voltage power supply (LVPS) is providing either or both 24 Vdc and 5 Vdc voltages.
    •The DC controller microprocessor is functioning.
  4. If startup noises are not heard, check the following:
    a. Turn the printer off, and then remove the formatter.
    b. Turn the printer on, and then listen for startup noises. If normal startup noises are heard, go to step 5.
    NOTE: The control panel will be blank with the formatter removed.
    c. If normal startup noises and lights are still not present, replace the LVPS.
    d. If after replacing the LVPS normal startup noises are still not heard, replace the DC controller.
    NOTE: If the error persists after replacing these assemblies, escalate the problem to the Global Business Unit (GBU).
  5. Try printing an engine test page.
    NOTE: The test page can only use the cassette tray as the paper source, so make sure that paper is loaded in the cassette tray.
    With the printer on and in the Ready state, open and then close the front door four times (for a simplex print out on both simplex and duplex models) or five times (for a duplex print on duplex models). The printer prints the engine test page.
    If the engine test page prints, the print engine is operating normally (a failed engine test print page does not necessarily indicate that the print engine or DC controller is defective).
    NOTE: If the engine test page does not print, turn the printer off, remove the formatter, and then try the engine test again. If the page prints, the problem might be the formatter.
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