HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M750

Troubleshooting. LED diagnostics. Heartbeat LED 2

Heartbeat LED, product operational

The following table describes the heartbeat operation when the product completes the firmware boot process and is in the Ready state.

LED color Description
Green Normal operation
◦ Formatter is operating normally
◦ Firmware is operating normally
◦ Control panel is connected
Yellow Formatter cannot connect to the control panel
◦ Check control panel connections
◦ Verify control panel functionality
Red Formatter error or failure
◦ Serial peripheral interface (SPI) flash memory boot error
◦ Power on self test (formatter) failed
◦ Diagnostic (formatter) failed
Off TIP: The connectivity LED is off if the power cable is disconnected, the product power switch is in the off position, or the product is in Sleep Mode.
Firmware or system freeze
◦ Check control panel for an error message
◦ Control panel failure
NOTE: This condition is not usually caused by a formatter failure. Turn the power off, and then on again. If the error persists, perform a firmware upgrade.
Error Code
Service Mode, Troubleshooting
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