HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M750

Service Mode. Product resets

Restore factory-set defaults

  1. Press the Home button .
  2. Open the following menus:
    • Administration
    • General Settings
    • Restore Factory Settings
  3. Press the Down arrow button to highlight and select Restore, and then press the OK button.

Preboot menu options

If an error occurs while the product is booting, an error message appears on the control-panel display. This error may prevent the unit from booting up, which makes accessing menus impossible. To assist in these cases, the user can access the Preboot menus. The preboot menus allow several operations to be performed in an attempt to correct the cause of the error. The Error menu item will not be seen if an error did not occur.

Access the Preboot menu
  1. Turn the product on.
  2. Press the Stop button when the Ready, Data, and Attention LEDs are illuminated solid.
  3. Use the Down arrow button to navigate the Preboot menu options.
  4. Press the OK button to select a menu item.
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