Canon imageRUNNER Advance C2020L

Troubleshooting. Location code

Location code

Error code, jam code, and alarm code include the location information.
Location information is displayed as 2-digit numbers as follows.

Main Unit 00 Main Controller = 00 Printer engine = 05 Others of
listed below
Cassette Feeding Unit-AF1 00 05 -
Color Image Reader Unit - D1(Reader+DADF) 01 04 02
Inner Finisher-C1 02 05 -

When jam occurs, pickup location is indicated with the following pickup position code.

Pickup position Pickup position code
At Finisher jam/At error avoidance jam/At ADF jam without pickup operation (at SEND, Inbox, etc.) 00
Cassette 2 02
Cassette 3 (Cassette Feeding Unit-AF1) 03
Cassette 4 (Cassette Feeding Unit-AF1) 04
Multi-purpose Tray 05

Points to Note When Clearing MN-CON

  • Execution of clearing MN-COM deletes all data in Address Book, Forwarding Settings, Settings/Registration (Preferences), Adjustment/Maintenance, Function Settings, Set Destination, Management Settings, TPM Settings, etc. Before execution of this operation, ask user to back up the data and get approval for this operation.
  • When clearing MN-CON while any login application other than Default Authentication is, error such as not displayed login screen occurred. In this case, access SMS once and switch login application to Default Authentication to recover to the normal status.

Points to Note When Clearing HDD

As a remedy for error codes (E602-XXXX, E611-0000), HDD partition is selected and the target partition may be cleared.

When clearing partition, be sure to check which data will be deleted by referring Detail of HDD partition and explain to the user before starting work.

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