Canon iR Advance C2020L

Troubleshooting. Jam Code. Inner Finisher-C1

Inner Finisher-C1

ACC ID Jam Code Type Sensor Name Sensor ID
02 1001 Delay Entrance Sensor S1
02 1101 Stationary Entrance Sensor S1
02 1102 Stationary Processing Tray Sensor S6
02 1300 Power ON Entrance Sensor / Processing Tray
02 1400 Door open Front cover switch SW1
02 1500 Staple Stapler HP sensor S18/S19
02 1C20 Error Shift roller HP sensor S10
02 1C32 Error Stapler move HP sensor S14
02 1C40 Error Stack tray clock sensor S23
02 1C42 Error Additional tray clock sensor S3
02 1C67 Error Shift roller release sensor S5
02 1C6F Error Entrance roller release /stopper HP
02 1C71 Error Grip arm sensor S7
02 1CF7 Other Gripper unit HP sensor S1

*1 The state is recovered by opening and closing the Door, or turning OFF and then ON the power supply.

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