Canon iR Advance C2020

Adjustment. HDD, Main controller PCB 1


Before Replacing

1) Backup of the set/registered data Use the Remote UI.
Management Settings > Data Management > Import/Export Target data:

  • Address List
  • Forwarding Settings
  • Settings/Registration
  • Web Access Favorites
  • Printer Settings
  • Paper Information

2) Printing the set/registered data
Use the service mode.
List of the set/registered data which cannot be backed up is printed."

Aftter Replacing

  1. HDD format
    1-1) Start with the safe mode. (While pressing 2 and 8 keys simultaneously, turn ON the main power switch.)
    1-2) Use SST to format all partitions
  2. Downloading system software
    2-1) Use SST to download the system software (System, LANG, RUI and others).
  3. Initializing the key, certificate and CA certificate (Lv.2) COPIER > FUNCTION > CLEAR > CA-KEY
  4. Turning OFF and ON the main power switch
  5. Restoring the backup data Use the Remote UI.
    Management Settings > Data Management > Import/Export
  6. Resetting/registering the data While referring to the list of set/registered data which was printed before replacement, reset/register the data.
  7. When the user generates and adds the encryption key, certificate and/or CA certificate, request the user to generate them again.

Points to Note when Using the HDD

When using the HDD of the other machine (different serial number), be sure to format the HDD after the installation. If the HDD is not formatted, the operation cannot be guaranteed.

Main controller PCB 1

Operation at Replacement

Transferring the parts from old PCB to new PCB

  • DDR2-SDRAM (2 pc.)
  • Flash PCB

Prohibited Operation

Do not transfer the following parts to another model (which has a different serial number).

If you fail to do so, the Main Body does not activate normally and this might cause to fail the restoration.

  • Main Controller PCB 1 (with Flash PCB installed)
  • Flash PCB
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