Brother HL-L2331D

Troubleshooting. 2.9.3 Paper jam at the manual feed slot

User Check

• Check that the paper is set in the manual feed slot correctly.
• Flip over the paper in the manual feed slot or rotate the paper 180°.
• Adjust the paper guide according to the paper size.
• Check that multiple sheets of paper are not set.
• Check that the thickness of the paper is 60 to 230 g/m2.

Step Cause Remedy
1 Foreign object around the manual feed slot Remove the foreign object.
2 Connection failure of the registration front/rear sensor harness Reconnect the registration front/rear sensor harness.
3 T1 registration front actuator coming off Reattach the T1 registration front actuator.
4 Connection failure of the registration clutch harness Reconnect the registration clutch harness.
5 Registration front/rear sensor failure Replace the actuator holder ASSY.
6 Paper feed motor failure Replace the paper feed motor.
7 High-voltage power supply PCB failure Replace the high-voltage power supply PCB ASSY.
8 Damaged gears in the paper feed drive system Replace the frame L unit.
9 Fuser unit failure Replace the fuser unit.
10 Main PCB failure Replace the main PCB ASSY.
Error Code
Service Mode, Troubleshooting
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