Brother HL-L2331D

Maintenance Mode 2. Functions List

Function code Function
01 Initialize EEPROM parameters
03 Transition to shipping state
09 * Monochrome print quality test pattern
10 Set worker switches (WSW)
11 Print worker switch (WSW) setting data
12 * Check LCD operation
13 Check control panel key operation
25 * Display software version
32 Check sensor operation
33 Display LAN connection status
45 * Change USB No. return value / Adjust left-end print position / Adjust upper-end print position / Change ON/ OFF setting for lower case compensation / Change ON/ OFF setting for fixation strength improvement
57 Check toner cartridge
67 Continuous print test
69 Print frame pattern (single-side printing)
70 Print frame pattern (duplex printing)
71 Print test pattern
74 Setting by spec
77 * Print maintenance information
78 Check fan operation
80 * Display machine log information
82 * Display machine error code
88 Reset irregular power supply detection counter of low- voltage power supply PCB
91 * Initialize EEPROM parameters
99 Quit maintenance mode

* The maintenance mode functions shaded in the table can be used by end users.

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