Xerox Phaser 3010

Electrical 2
Electrical 2

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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 110K16521 Rear Door Interlock Switch
2 Harness Guide FR
3 Harness Guide IL
4 Plate ESS
5 Holder Inlet
6 Guide Inlet
7 Harness Guide R
8 676K13181 PWB Assy ESS 3010 US (IP Board)
8 676K10931 PWB Assy ESS 3010 RU/IN (IP Board)
8 676K10941 PWB Assy ESS 3040 US/EU (IP Board)
9 PSLV RIC Assy (with 10,11)
10 SW Assy RIC (Power Switch Assembly)
11 105E19900 LVPS 110V
11 105E19910 LVPS 220V
12 LVPS Insulator
13 Plate LVPS
14 Screw S+M4x6B
15 Screw M3x6B
16 675K 17830 Power Cord DAO
16 675K 17660 Power Cord B220V
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