Toshiba e-Studio 2051c


We do not sell these spare parts!
We only help you to create your parts list for request from your suppliers.

Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 6LJ58026000 BRKT-DRW-FUS
2 X0-00430000 S/BID-M3X6-NI
3 6LJ58084000 PLT-CNCT-LP
4 6LJ58014000 PLT-CNCT-THMST
5 X0-00077000 S/PAN/SWWP-M3X8-NI
6 6LJ60327000 THRMST-HTR-210
7 6LJ58078000 ASYS-HLDR-THMST-H210
9 6LJ58017000 HLDR-LAMP-R
10 6LJ58065000 HLDR-LAMP-F2
11 6LJ58047000 GUIDE-ENT-PR-H210
12 6LH36359000 SCREW-M3-D4X2.3
13 6LJ58046000 PLT-ENT-PR-H210
14 6LJ58003000 COVER-FUS-B
15 6LJ58007000 COVER-FUS-R
16 6LJ58032000 COVER-FUS-F
7A 6LJ58122000 LAMP-HR-H210-120 NAD
8B 6LJ58123000 LAMP-HR-H210-230 MJD,AUD,ASD,CND
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