Toshiba e-Studio 2051c


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
2 6LJ53433000 ASYS-HINGE-H21X
5 6LJ53413000 CABLE-IF
9 6LJ53432000 COVER-UPR-RIM
13 6LJ53419000 KEY-ENERGY-H21X
15 6LJ53420000 KEY-RESET-H21X-U
16 6LJ53428000 KEY-START
17 6LJ53429000 KEY-STOP
18 6LJ53425000 KEY-TEN-H21X
19 6LJ53423000 KEY-USER-FUNC-H21X
1A 6LJ53405000 ASYS-DSP-LCD-H21X e-STUDIO2550C/2050C
1B 6LJ53446000 ASYS-DSP-LCD-H23X e-STUDIO2051C/2551 C
20 6LJ53418000 LID-LED-H21X
22 6LJ53431000 PWA-KEY-H21X
23 X0-02596000 S/TPP/BID-3X10-NI
24 X0-01989000 S/TPP/BID-3X8-NI
25 X0-02036000 S/TPP/PAN-4X10-NI
26 X0-02420000 S/TPS/FHEXM/R-3X8-ZU3
3A 6LJ53406000 ASYS-SHIELD-PLATE e-STUDIO2550C/2050C
3B 6LJ53442000 ASYS-SHIELD-PLATE-H23X e-STUDIO2051C/2551 C
6A 6LJ53416000 COV-CONP-CLEAR-H21X e-STUDIO2550C/2050C
6B 6LJ53439000 COV-CONP-CLEAR-23X e-STUDIO2051C/2551 C
8 A 6LJ53414000 COVER-CONPANE-UPR-H21X e-STUDIO2550C/2050C
8 B 6LJ53438000 COVER-CONPANE-UPR-H23X e-STUDIO2051C/2551 C
10 A 6LJ53451000 CUSHION-LCD-L-H21X e-STUDIO2550C/2050C
10 B 6LJ53453000 CUSHION-LCD-L-H23X e-STUDIO2051C/2551 C
11 A 6LJ53452000 CUSHION-LCD-S-H21X e-STUDIO2550C/2050C
11 B 6LJ53454000 CUSHION-LCD-S-H23X e-STUDIO2051C/2551 C
12 A 6LJ53411000 HOLDER-LCD-H21X e-STUDIO2550C/2050C
12 B 6LJ53441000 HOLDER-LCD-H23X e-STUDIO2051C/2551 C
14 A 6LJ53424000 KEY-FUNCTION e-STUDIO2550C/2050C
14 B 6LJ53440000 KEY-FUNCTION-H23X e-STUDIO2051C/2551 C
21 A 6LJ53430000 PWA-DISP-H21X e-STUDIO2550C/2050C
21 B 6LJ53447000 PWA-DISP-H23X e-STUDIO2051C/2551 C
27 A 6LJ53417000 SHEET-PANEL-H21X-U e-STUDIO2550C/2050C
27 B 6LJ53443000 SHEET-PANEL-H23X-U e-STUDIO2051C/2551 C
28 A 6LJ53402000 SHIELD-LCD-AL e-STUDIO2550C/2050C
28 B 6LJ53450000 SHIELD-LCD-H23X e-STUDIO2051C/2551 C
29 A 6LJ53410000 TOUCHPANEL-FC e-STUDIO2550C/2050C
29 B 6LJ53444000 TOUCHPANEL-DMC e-STUDIO2051C/2551 C
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