Toshiba e-Studio 2051c


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We only help you to create your parts list for request from your suppliers.

Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 6LJ55472000 SPG-C-TNS-TBU-20N
2 X0-02246000 S/TPP/FHEXM-3X6-NI
3 X0-00964000 RR/E-3-SS
4 6LJ55516000 SCREW-TBU-LOCK
5 6LJ55467000 LOCK-TBU-R
6 6LJ55515000 LINK-LOCK-TBU
7 6LJ55427000 HLDR-TNS-R
8 6LJ55473000 SPG-T-HV-TR2-OUTSIDE
9 6LJ55474000 SPG-T-HV-TR2-INSIDE
10 6LJ55498000 SPG-E-K-LIFT-R
11 6LJ55470000 SPG-E-TR1-TBU
12 6LJ55436000 LINK-TBU-R-H21X
13 6LJ55513000 STOP-RING-LIFT
14 6LJ55413000 HLDR-LIFT-TBU-R
15 6LJ55414000 CAM-LIFT-R-H21X
16 6LJ55412000 COUPL-CAM-TBU-R
17 6LJ55475000 SPG-T-HV-TR1
18 6LJ55418000 ARM-TR1-R
19 6LJ55509000 SPG-T-HV-TR1-K
20 6LJ55501000 ARM-TR1-K-R
21 6LJ55492000 HLDR-ROL-K-R
22 6LJ55534000 ASYS-FRAME-TBU-R-H21X
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