Toshiba e-Studio 2051c


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
2 6LJ54670000 lever-wtnr-front-h21X
3 6LJ54696000 COVER-INNR-WTNR-H21X
4 C0-17839000 LG2A14BL1
5 6LJ60319000 HRNS-UTNR-210
6 6LE28372000 WSHR-6R2X12XR5-APS
7 44201492000 BUSH-6-POM
8 6LJ54683000 COUPL-DRV-WTNR
9 6LJ54694000 MOTRD-PDL-210
10 6LJ54635000 hldr-drv-wtnr
11 6LJ54640000 shaft-drv-wtnr
12 6LJ54636000 colar-drv-wtnr
13 6LJ54649000 SPG-C-10R7XR6X30R3R-WTNR GEAR-15S16-6-COUPL-WTN R
14 6LJ54637000
15 6LJ54638000 slit-drv-wtnr
16 6LJ54639000 GEAR-5H66-6-DRV-WTNR
17 X0-01670000 S/PAN-M2.6X4-NC
18 X0-00966000 RR/E-5-SS
19 X0-02420000 S/TPS/FHEXM/R-3X8-ZU3
1A 6LJ70402000 OD-FC30 nad,mjd,aud,asd
1B 6LJ70402100 OD-FC30C cnd
20 E0-01853000 CS1A-B2CA
21 6LH05525000 cushion-lev-adu
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