Toshiba e-Studio 2051c


We do not sell these spare parts!
We only help you to create your parts list for request from your suppliers.

Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 6LJ15115000 SPE-WIRE-TNS-H16X-SUS
2 6LJ59746000 BUSH-061505
3 4407972860 STOP-RING-6-5
4 X0-00094000 S/PAN/SWWP-M3X10-NI
5 6LJ59706000 PULLEY-SCAN-H21X
6 6LJ59743000 BLT_SY-S1.5M-378-6
7 X0-02230000 S/FHEXM-M3X6-NI
8 6LJ60445000 MOTR_S-SCN-210L
9 6LJ59731000 BRKT-MOT-SCAN-H21X
10 X0-02420000 S/TPS/FHEXM/R-3X8-ZU3
11 6LJ59758000 ASYS-BRKT-DF-H21X
12 6LA04456000 SCREW-PINION
13 C0-17839000 LG2A14BL1
14 6LJ59763000 LVR-OPEN-SNS-H21X
15 6LJ59780000 WIRE-SCAN-R-H21X
16 6LJ59779000 WIRE-SCAN-F-H21X
17 6LJ59727000 HOLD-PLY-SCR
18 6LJ59729000 PLY-WIRE-SCAN-H21X
19 6LJ59728000 SHAFT-DRV-SCAN-H21X
20 6LJ59707000 PLY-19-H21X
21 F0-00120000 ES-0505
22 6LJ59789000 GSKT-16-13-37
23 6LJ59798000 ASYS-BRKT-DF-RGT-H21X
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