Mimaki JV5-160S


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 M507184 MS cover bracket
3 M507189 Support side plate R
3 M507925 Support side plate R-2
4 M600694 Clamp bushing
7 M507806 Clamp sensor bracket
11 M601088 Roll stopper C
12 M507305 Clamp B assy.
16 M507304 Clamp lever R
16 M507923 Clamp lever R-2
17 M601128 Clamp lever (TX)
19 M507302 Clamp link
19 M507924 Clamp link-2
20 M507303 Clamp lever F
21 M205298 Clamp collar
22 M507816 Clamp F link guide 2
23 M507815 Clamp F link guide 1
25 E104384 Station harness assy.
26 M205296 CLF fulcrum pin
27 M602037 Clamp lever
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