Mimaki JV5-160S


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
3 M507281 Roll bracket L
5 M601190 Extension bushing 38
6 M201607 Roll shaft collar
8 M507334 Rotary damper bracket
13 M205132 Roll shaft L-L
14 M600686 Roll holder G
16 M601328 Roll base 300 shaft
17 M205134 Roll guide shaft 1959
17 M205176 Roll guide shaft 1701
18 M600500 Roll holder
19 M205133 Roll shaft L-R
20 M601168 Roll holder gear
21 M507280 Roll bracket R
22 M400140 Belt screw
23 M601087 Roll stopper A
24 M507279 Roll stopper B-2
27 M601050 Pin guide
28 M800564 Pin spring
29 M203314 Height adjusting pin
32 M800900 Roll stopper spring 3
35 M503929 Roll lock bracket
36 M507278 Roll stopper base -2
38 M400233 Bear holder screw
39 M507826 Roll bracket holder R
40 M507827 Roll bracket holder L
41 M006978 Roll stopper assy.
42 M006985 Roll damper bracket assy.
43 M006979 Roll holder R assy.
44 M006980 Roll holder L assy.
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