Mimaki JV5-160S


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
4 M601182 Cartridge frame V
6 M700323 RS O-ring 1.1x2.2 (For cartridge needle)
7 M601816 Valve base N-3 M6
9 M700350 Rubber valve
11 M204082 Valve spring washer
12 M800684 Cartridge valve spring 120
13 M204083 Rubber valve pin
14 M601215 Valve cap
16 M507348 Solenoid bracket
18 M601336 Link
19 M204079 Link pin
20 E104372 Ink cartridge solenoid assy. Ink cartridge side
20 E104389 Wash cartridge solenoid assy. Wash cartridge side
23 E103704 ID point of contact PCB assy.
24 M601054 ID PCB holder
26 M507200 Cartridge slot plate
27 M601818 Cartridge guide D
28 M601817 Cartridge guide U
29 M800857 Cartridge plate spring
30 M104373 Ink ID cable assy. Ink cartridge side
30 M104388 Wash ID cable assy. Wash cartridge side
31 M006950 Cartridge slot assy.
32 M007107 Cartridge frame V assy.
33 M007124 Valve M6 assy.
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