Mimaki JV5-160S


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
2 M507230 Tube cover
3 M507231 Tube diverge bracket
4 M507234 Bear guide joint bracket
9 M700326 RS O-ring 2.16x1.4 (For 2 tube)
10 M601819 1-4 diverge M6
12 M507221 Y encoder sensor bracket
13 E103961 Linear encoder PCB assy.
15 M507224 UD encoder sensor bracket
16 M507222 Origin sensor shade plate
17 M400299 UD shaft holder upper
19 M400298 Slider base
20 M507233 PCB bracket support plate
21 M507232 Slider PCB bracket
22 E104591 Slider PCB assy.
23 E104237 Head relay PCB assy.
26 E104377 Linear encoder cable assy.
27 E104425 Position encoder cable assy.
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