Mimaki JV5-160S


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 E300495 Stepping motor
3 M400210 Pump motor gear
5 M507237 Pump motor bracket low
6 M601044 Pump-middle gear
9 M503939 Pump bracket
9 M507899 Pump bracket JV5
10 M004868 S pump L assy.
12 E104351 BOX relay PCB assy.
13 M507254 Pump cover U
15 M507373 Connector bracket
16 M904726 Pink absorber
17 M507255 Pump cover R
18 M507914 Pump cover T DC0
18 M507253 Pump cover T
19 M507295 Waste tank detection cover
20 M507296 Waste tank detection base
21 M507299 Waste tank sensor bracket
24 M601927 Tube end M
25 M800917 4L waste tank spring G
26 M507322 Waste tank detection shield plate
28 M800869 Tank detection spring
29 M205142 Tank detection fulcrum pin
30 M600654 Waste tank guard
32 M601981 Waste ink tank 4L
33 M507297 Tank guide M
34 M507571 Pump partition plate
35 M507546 Waste ink tray
36 M601915 Waste tank relay pipe
38 E104401 Pump motor cable 1 assy.
39 E104402 Pump motor cable 2 assy.
40 E104393 BOX relay PCB cable 1 assy.
41 E104394 BOX relay PCB cable 2 assy.
42 E104397 Waste tank sensor cable assy.
43 E104396 Waste tank sensor junction cable assy.
44 M007128 Waste ink tank bracket assy.
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