Mimaki JV5-160S


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
2 M507262 Y-T SP plate
3 M800569 Y-SP
4 M507315 Y-T pulley bracket
6 M202842 Y-T fulcrum pin
8 M502877 Y-T bracket
9 M507263 YT base
11 M202841 Y-T pulley shaft
14 M205123 Y-T pulley
15 M800885 Y drive belt 5-160
15 M800886 Y drive belt 5-130
17 M400160 Belt holder 1
18 M503786 Belt holder S
19 M400140 Belt lock screw
20 M400161 Belt holder
21 M502708 D bracket U
23 M507260 YM top plate (YM60/TM100)
24 M202665 YM-spacer
25 M507154 YD bracket D (YM60)
27 M202666 DM pulley
28 E300475 Y-axis motor assy.
30 M007106 Y drive motor pulley assy.
31 M006891 Y drive pulley assy.
33 M507153 YD base
34 E300495 Stepping motor
35 M507210 Head UD motor bracket
36 M007178 Head up and down motor assy.
37 M400211 Station motor gear
39 M800860 UD gear spring
40 M601948 Head UD gear 1
43 M006977 Y-T pulley assy.
44 E104387 Head up and down motor cable assy.
45 E104368 Y-axis motor junction cable assy.
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