Mimaki JV400-160LX


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 M011747 Platen cover R160 assy.
1 M011774 Platen cover R130 assy.
3 M514497 Platen cover R160 LX
3 M514807 Platen cover R 130 LX
5 E300898 Platen thermistor R160
5 E300901 Platen thermistor R130
6 E300865 Aluminum foil heater R160
6 E300869 Aluminum foil heater R130
7 E300878 Platen thermostat R
8 M514698 Thermostat holder R
10 M514695 Platen cover F160 LX base
10 M514805 Platen cover F130 LX base
11 E106970 Voltage switching SW assy.
12 M011746 Platen cover F160 assy.
12 M011773 Platen cover F130 assy.
13 E300899 Thermistor AA 160
13 E300902 Thermistor AA 130
14 E300907 Aluminum foil heater A160
14 E300908 Aluminum foil heater A130
15 M514496 Platen cover F160 LX
15 M514806 Platen cover F130 LX
16 E300879 Platen thermostat AA
17 M514697 Thermostat holder F2
19 M515031 F sheet holder U200-160
19 M515034 F sheet holder U200-130
21 M801495 Platen F sheet 200-160
21 M801496 Platen F sheet 200-130
22 M800699 Sheet SP
23 M515033 F sheet holder base 200-160
23 M515036 F sheet holder base 200-130
24 M515032 F sheet holder L200-160
24 M515035 F sheet holder L200-130
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