Mimaki JV400-160LX


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 M514720 Electrical box exhaust cover 200
3 M514721 Electrical box cover 200
4 M514719 Electrical box 200
5 MM-000033 Cable clamp UL CKS-07-L
6 MM-000674 One touch bushing TB-1520
7 MM-000037 Cable clamp UL CKS-13-L
8 MM-000899 Square bushing SB-4025
10 M514985 FFC holder
11 MM-000900 Square bushing SB-6025
13 MP-E000011 EPL main PCB assy.
14 MP-E000013 Central IO PCB assy.
15 MP-LFA15F-5-GJ1 SW power supply(15W-5W)
16 EAM-16-000 Noise filter
17 MM-000049 Flat cable clamp FCS-25P
18 MM-000039 Cable clamp UL CKS-16-L
19 M514724 Electrical box partition plate
20 MM-001270 Lock edge saddle EDS-25L
21 MP-PBA600F-36 SW power supply(600W-36V)
22 E106811 NF-POW cable assy.
23 E106952 AC switch junction cable assy.
25 E106809 Inlet assy. CM-11
26 AJ8202WWF Switch
27 M514718 USB junction side cover 200
28 E106812 DC-POW cable assy.
29 E106829 Main HDC cable assy.
29 E106859 Main HDC cable 130 assy.
30 MP-E300883 FFC 1.00-30P-3600
30 MP-E300884 FFC 1.00-30P-3400
31 E300777 P1.25-20-250
32 E300604 P1.0-10-1100mm
32 E106820 Thermistor junction cable assy.
33 MP-E105986 DDR 2 PRAM (1GB) PCB assy.
34 E106821 IO cable assy.
36 E106086 Cascade short 13 assy.
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