Mimaki JV400-160LX


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 MP-E300918 2-2way 2-3way solenoid valve
3 4x6-TP-SX Tube 1piece: 160mm
4 VFI246 Lure fitting
5 MP-PN-4-42.5 PN tube 2.54 milky 20M roll
6 2x4-TP-SX Tube
7 VFT206 Lure fitting
8 VFI346 Lure fitting
9 3x5-TP-SX Tube
10 VFF306 Multi port connector F type
11 VM4L306 Multi port connector all around type
12 MP-LCF-59400 Vent filter
13 VRMP6 Lure fitting
14 VPRF406 Lure fitting
15 MM-000033 Cable clamp UL CKS-07-L
16 M514711 Filter BKT
17 M514484 Filter holder
18 MM-000037 Cable clamp UL CKS-13-L
19 MP-E105303 Negative pressure sensor PCB assy.
20 MP-E105304 Positive pressure sensor PCB assy.
21 E106834 Pressure sensor cable assy.
22 MP-K30B101157-00 Tube 100M
22 MP-1080249 Tube, Supply, f2 N
23 MLRLB220 Rotary panel mount male
24 VRM306 Lure fitting
25 FSLLR-2 Lock ring (black)
26 MTLLP-1 Male plug
27 FTLL220-1 Lure fitting
28 1083732 Supply tube 03 N (100M)
29 M514670 Tank film holder
30 MP-M012353 200 Sub tank assy.
31 MP-M012354 200 Sub tank assy. R
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