Mimaki JV400-160LX


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 M012139 Cable bear 300 assy.160
1 M012140 Cable bear 300 assy.130
3 M801471 Bear buffer material 160LX
3 M801473 Bear buffer material 130LX
4 FCS-3015 Flat cable clamp
5 TSB-3509 Locking edge saddle
6 M514761 Bear guide 160 LX
6 M514811 Bear guide 130 LX
7 M514763 Bear guide warning cover 160 LX
7 M514812 Bear guide warning cover 130 LX
8 MM-000115 M904096 ink tube tag 1-1
8 MM-000116 M904097 ink tube tag 1-2
8 MM-000117 M904098 ink tube tag 1-3
8 MM-000118 M904099 ink tube tag 1-4
8 MM-000119 M904100 ink tube tag 1-5
8 MM-000120 M904101 ink tube tag 1-6
8 MM-000121 M904102 ink tube tag 1-7
8 MM-000122 M904102 ink tube tag 1-8
9 MP-1080249 Tube, Supply, f2 N
10 MP-PN-4-42.5 PN tube 2.54 milky 20M roll 6600 mm
11 M801492 Bear absorption pad
13 MM-000049 Flat cable clamp FCS-25P
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