Mimaki JV400-130LX


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
3 M514993 Ink guard
4 M514857 Wiper guide
5 M207314 Wiper guide shaft up
7 M602894 WP base
8 M207315 Wiper guide shaft down
9 SPA-0184 Wiper kit
10 M602898 Shaft holder
12 M514875 Wiper belt holder
14 F684ZZ Bearing
16 M400302 Wiper
17 M207317 Drive shaft
18 MM-001195 Collar 5x5 Trivalent cromat
20 M400210 Pump motor gear
21 M514850 Drive shaft BKT
22 M601914 Wiper pulley B
24 M514868 Wiper driven BKT
25 M514854 Belt tension BKT
26 M601044 Pump middle gear
27 M514849 Drive motor
28 MP-E300495 Stepping motor
29 E106816 S motor cable assy.
33 M514996 WP height adjust BKT
34 M514858 Ink slope
35 MP-OJ-6505-N2 Photo-interrupter
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