Mimaki JV400-130LX


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 M514712 Bear BKT
2 MM-000050 Flat cable clamp FCS-50P
4 MM-000039 Cable clamp UL CKS-16-L
5 M515044 Carriage support plate R
8 E106806 Carriage fan assy.
9 MP-E106738 HDC PCB assy.
10 M514985 FFC holder
11 M514710 HD BKT
12 M515045 Carriage support plate L
13 MM-001270 Locking edge saddle EDS-25L
14 M801565 Head harness sponge
15 E106831 Head cable assy.
16 M514708 Head PCB BKT
17 M514486 Jam sensor BKT R
18 MM-000902 Locking edge saddle EDS-0704L-VO
19 M400281 Cutter screw
20 E106833 Paper width sensor cable assy.
21 M514488 Jam sensor plate R
22 M801449 Jam sensor spring 200
24 MP-OJ-6505-N2 Photo-interrupter
25 M602829 Head lock screw 200
27 M514998 Circulation solenoid BKT
28 MP-E106807 Liquid solenoid assy.
29 MP-1080249 Tube, Supply, f2 N
30 FTLL420-1 Lure fitting
31 MTLL430-1 Lure fitting
32 MP-HSJPE3-MMK35 Fluorine tube special (03x05)
33 FTLL-430-1 Lure fitting
34 E106963 Top fan assy.
36 M514487 Jam sensor plate L
37 M514485 Jam sensor BKT L
38 E106835 Carriage valve cable assy.
39 E106833 Paper width sensor cable assy.
40 E106836 Carriage fan sensor cable assy.
41 E106837 HDC power supply jumper assy.
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